Firefighters offer inadequate

Let’s face it. If Boston’s firefighters were asking for a 19% raise and the economy was flying and unemployment was low and business expansion was robust, would anyone care? But the economy is retrograde. It is weak and ineffectual when compared to three years ago. In fact, the national economy and the local economy...

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The awakening of the city council

Tuesday afternoon in the Council Chambers at city hall, 1:00 p.m. marks the time when the Boston City Council regains some of its lost relevancy as it takes up the first of a number of measures dealing with the firefighter arbitration ruling. That recent ruling giving Boston’s firefighters a 19% raise amounting to $20,000...

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The Boston Celtics

Many a betting lad in the North End watched with wonder Saturday night as the Celtics, 3-point favorites, destroyed the Orlando Magic, beating them by almost 30 points. The Celtics appear on the verge of heading into the finals where they will likely face the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics have proven that a...

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