City Discusses Commercial Street Recreational Space Improvements

February 2, 2018

It was a low turnout at the Nazzaro Community Center on January 23 considering the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department (BPD) was presenting potential concepts (3) to initiate $4.5 million dollars to make some major changes to the entire recreational space located from the Steriti Skating Rink to the Mirabella Children’s Pool.

            This was the second in a series of three or four public meetings being held to help the City obtain the opinion of residents to express opinions of the concepts (not cast in stone) developed by the City based on the first public meeting.

            City representatives at the meeting were Cathy Baker-Eclipse, Project Manager of BPR, Maria Lanza, Liaison Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, a North End resident, and Project Manager Brandon Kunkel, Weston + Samson.

            Improvements, at this time, include repairs and improvements to Puopolo Park, Langone Field, the existing softball field, basketball court, access to the park, expanding the Boston Harbor walkway with bike paths, expand the children’s play area, placement of a small pier, some natural grass and turf, a possible dog park, a portable pitching mound, a storage facility, drainage and seawall repairs.

            BPD suggested removing Puopolo Park and have teams play games in Charlestown or other fields.

            “That’s not going to happen,” said John Romano representing the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) which is the main user of the recreational area.

            Both the Eliot and St. John Schools have made plans to also use the area on a regular basis and several other groups have submitted to play softball, baseball and bocce. Scheduling will be handled by the Parks Department.

            While nothing has really been established so far, but holding several other community public meetings, BPD hopes things will eventually be resolved before the 2018 starting date. The project will take about a year to complete according to the City.

            No construction staging area has been determined as yet but no parking spaces will be lost.