By Phil Orlandella

Mayoral race totally lackluster/boring

The 2017 rates for the City’s top post has been boring and totally lackluster, to say the least.

Even the media is not given any real time to the election. Could be too soon? The mud sliding has not yet started. There is nothing interesting to report on. Or could it be the calm before the storm with neither candidate raining on the other’s parade?

Something is wrong. What is a mayoral race without some sort of negativity or controversy?

Maybe a debate or two will spark voter’s interest and the wheels will start turning.

Or is it, the Mayor has a foothold on this election and he doesn’t want to stir the pot, allowing his opposition to gain attention.

Thus far, this is the dullest mayoral election on record.

Where’s the Beef?

North End Friends help the homeless

North End Friends of Saint Francis Homeless Shelter held a very successful Flea Market/Bake Sale held in the Nazzaro Community Center raising almost $10,000 for the two day effort.

An anonymous donor contributed a matching grant, raising the total funds donated to $20,000.

The Friends have made this an annual endeavor to help homeless people and they should be recognized and commended for their dedicated effort for a worthy cause.

NEMPAC presents magical performance of “Fidello”

This coming June, the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) will present four performances of Beethoven’s “Fidello”, three at Faneuil Hall and one at Christopher Columbus Park.

The opera is the sixth annual performance and the artistic team behind this project are working tirelessly to bring this magical production to life for the community to enjoy.

The two sites have been selected to make the opera assessable to neighborhood residents.

NEMPAC productions are terrific events that are enjoyed by all who attend.

A great ski trip to Killington

Families and friends of the North End Nazzaro Community Center spent a weekend of skiing and fun at The Chalet Killington on Killington Mountain.

Sponsored by the Police Activities League and the North End Athletic Association (NEAA), 74 people attended the ski field trip.

The trip has become an annual event, going back 18 years, thanks to PAL, NEAA and the Nazzaro Community Center.